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Back ER Physicians

Key Responsibilities:

Responsible for examining, diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries in the Hospital Emergency Room. Perform immediate medical treatment for patients in critical condition and life - threatening cases. Develop treatment plans and manage patient health issues in accordance with established medical protocols. Make sure that the patient being attended to is first of all stabilized before the commencement of further treatment. Work closely with other physicians and medical health professionals to diagnose patients' cases. Perform minor surgical procedures, order and recommend drug, order or execute various tests, analyze and diagnostic images to provide information on patient’s condition. Maintains accurate electronic health records of patients and complete documentation in a timely manner. Maintains punctual presence for assigned work days/nights and weekends, in compliance with SGHUMC policy on attendance. Adhere to the bylaws of SGHUMC.


Job Requirements:

  • MD or professional degree in medicine from an accredited medical school
  • A minimum of 3 years in an accredited Emergency Medicine residency program is required.
  • Experience in hospital practice environments providing care in Emergency Medicine.
  • Having the Colloquium and license to practice medicine from MOPH
  • Possession of certification in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS).
  • In-depth knowledge of recent medical treatments, practices, procedures, and equipment is required.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent analytical and attention to detail skills.
  • Strong team working and collaborative skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Active listener, patient, reassuring and compassionate
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