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H.E. Metropolitan Elias Audi


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Time to Grow


Further Expansion


War Begins


Diamond Jubilee


New Services

1984 – 1987

New Horizons

1991 - 2001

Year Anniversary

2003 – 125th

Inauguration of the New Extension & New Services

2004 – 2009

Inauguration of new Floors (Phase II)

2010 – 2013

Strategic Plan


Word from the CEO

Since 1878, Saint George Hospital has been supporting lives. A non-profit community hospital, Saint George has become synonynous with generosity and hope.

Founded by people who cared, their quest has been carried on through generations. Today, the hospital has grown up into a total healthcare institution, providing overall in-patient services to the community.

At the forefront of Medicine, Saint George Hospital is constantly in pursuit of excellence. The generosity of countless of supporters brought latest hight-tech equipment and made advanced interventions possible with some registered unprecedent breakthroughs in surgery.

The recent conflict in Lebanon did little to diminish the aim of the hospital. Faith and devotion of many who served unselfishly during the hardest of times, helped to rebuild the social fabric of the country and further exemplify the value of the hospital as a cornerstone for the community.

Many things have changed over the years, but Saint George Hospital is still committed to the challenge of helping to re-build the community in terms of healthcare, education, research, faith and heritage...committed to be supporter of life, in the name of compassion.

Mission, Vision & Values


Saint George Hospital University Medical Center is a nonprofit academic medical center, owned by the Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut and is academically affiliated to the University of Balamand. It is committed to treat all patients with dignity, respect and compassion regardless of their religion, nationality, socioeconomic status and race. It provides quality healthcare services to the sick and indigent at the lowest possible cost.


To enhance our efforts towards excellence of service through:

- Seeking to continuously meet the hospital main goals in alignment with its quality policy.

- Seeking to consistently deliver high quality services to patients.

- Seeking to be a leader and referral center for healthcare services both nationally and regionally.

- Acting as a role model for Quality System application to influence the national healthcare system accrordingly.

- Seeking to participate in developing a healthcare policy in the country. 


- Compassion: We provide care with dignity, and empathy to our patients.

- Respect: We treat every patient with integrity, honesty, and fairness regardless of his/her religion, nationality, socioeconomic status and race.

- Commitment: We are commited to deliver high quality services to our patients.

- Teamwork: We work collaboratively with open communication and coordination among all departments to achieve the hospital vision and goals. 

- Safety: We maintain a secured and healthy environment for all staff, patients, and visitors within the hospital premises according to national laws and international standards.   

- Privacy: we protect the patients privacy and maintain the confidentiality of all their health information.

Quality Policy

Saint George Hospital University Medical Center is committed to achieve excellence in medical services through the implementation of healthcare quality standards. This commitment is translated through the implementation of national and/or international requirements of quality standards in healthcare accreditation. This coupled with our long years of experience, momentum and tradition, shall formulate our “quality concepts” in patient care. 

Being a tertiary referral University Medical Center, the hospital always tries to ensure that all its staff including physicians, share the common objectives set by the Board, and works hard to meet the patients' expectations and looks forward to increasing their satisfaction.

The hospital development process is designed to have a continuous input from all the hospital units and departments, using the appropriate quality management tools and methods to identify areas for improvement in order to meet the hospital mission and the strategic goals. 


 Ms. Helene Andrea

Ms. May Badawi

Mr. Roy Badaro

Pres. Nassib Elia

Mr. Gabriel Gharzouzi

Mr. Farid Homsi

Mr. Georges Karam

Mr. Nabil Khairallah

Dr. Atef Majdalani

Dr. Khalil Melki

Mr. Khaled Tueini

CEO & Directors

Dr. Marwan M. Najjar, Chief Executive Officer 

Dr. Salah Chouairi, Chief Medical Officer
Mr. Sami Haddad, Chief Engineering Officer
Mr. Cesar Issa, Chief Information Officer
Mrs. Marie Kattiny Chaibane, Chief Nursing Officer
Ms. Micheline Khoury, Chief Auditing Officer
Dr. Michel Mansour, Chief Quality and Safety Officer, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer
Mr. Wael Al Nakat, Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Joseph Wehbe, Chief of Staff