Wound Clinic and Training Center

In December 2011, Saint George Hospital University Medical Center opened its doors to a new Wound Clinic and Training Center making it one of a few specialized wound facilities in the entire region. This clinic is located at Saint George Hospital University Medical Center in the current Community Health Center, also known as the Out-Patient Department. 

This wound clinic is operated and managed primarily by our expert Attending Physicians while the day-to-day functions are performed by our certified wound care nurses who have endured rigorous hands-on international training. 

Our wound clinic personnel are dedicated to treating and managing acute and chronic hard-to-heal wounds using the most up-to-date techniques while working closely with all physicians who refer their patients to the clinic for care. 

Our goal is to ensure the underlying factors and health problems contributing to the delay of wound healing are managed and addressed in a multidisciplinary approach, allowing the patient to lead a better way of life. 

The Wound Clinic at Saint George Hospital University Medical Center offers the following

• State-of-the-art wound treatment and review of wound development

• Latest techniques in wound care implementation

• Experienced staff specially trained in all types of wound care including designated nurses and a numberof specialized physicians

• Extensive patient education to manage the care of wounds and prevent wound recurrence 

• Constant communication with the treating physician for coordination and continuity of care

• Dressing materials needed by patients for daily wound care

• At-home service to continue wound care management

The types of wounds treated at our clinic include

• Vascular leg ulcers

• Diabetic foot ulcers

• Pressure ulcers

• Lymphedema

• Surgical or traumatic wounds

•Wounds caused by edema, cancer, radiation treatment, burns, infections and scleroderma

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday
7:30am till 3:00pm 

For further information, you may reach us at:
Local: 1287 extension 1699 
International: (961) 1 441 000 extension 1609
E-mail: wctc@stgeorgehospital.org


Subsequently we will be launching the Training Center along with the University of Balamand at a later date. This center will facilitate both practical and theoretical training in wound care and management. We have partnered with a German training and certification program known as Initiative Chronic Wounds (ICW), one of the industry’s independent leaders in training for wound care.