Foyer Saint Georges

In Association with Saint George Hospital University Medical Center 
The “Foyer Saint George” (FSG), a non-profit organization owned by the Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut, was established in 1874 by a small group of young volunteers who extended a helping hand to members of their community. Thirty-seven years later, in 1911, the founders expanded their humanitarian support to the homeless elderly. This became the Foyer’s main scope of action for almost a century now. 

The existing home is made up of 30 rooms with a 70-bed capacity. The Foyer Saint George is committed to providing the best quality of medical, nursing and social care services to the elderly population. Peace and dignity are at the chore of the Foyer that strives to provide a safe, comfortable and efficient environment to its elderly. 


The home provides the following services: 

• Cardiology
• Medical Care 
• Nursing Care 
• Social & Recreational Care 
• Rehabilitation 
• Rest & Security 


Those who do not have supporting relatives or parents
Handicapped elders
Demented persons
Elderly for convalescence 


Any person over the age of 60 who wishes to reside at the FSG must fill out an application presenting his/her medical and social condition. A Geriatric Assessment is applied to all person before admission.