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The Pulmonary Unit at Saint George Hospital - University Medical Center is one of the rare centers in Lebanon to offer the Metacholine and Cardiopulmonary stress tests to its patients.

The Center offers the following range of tests:

• Pulmonary Function Test which includes:

- Flow Volume Loop: This test measures the amount of air taken and exhaled as a function of time (first second) determining the vital capacity and flow expiratory volume to conclude whether the patient is asthmatic, obstructive, or restrictive.

- Single Breath DLCO: This test measures the diffusion capacity of the lungs for CO2.

- Total Lung Capacity: This test helps distinguish between multiple pulmonary diseases,

It measures the lung volume, capacities and residual volume.

• Cardio-Pulmonary Stress Test: This is a new, non-invasive test that studies the interaction between the cardiovascular and the respiratory system. This advanced metabolic testing has several advantages over conventional stress tests, particularly when distinguishing between pulmonary versus cardiovascular defects in exercise tolerance. Indications for the test include, but are not limited to:

- Un-explained Dyspnea

- Determination of cause for exercise impairment

- Exercise tolerance for athletes

• Metacholine test: Helps in identifying if respiratory symptoms are related to asthma.

• Prick Test: This test determines the degree of sensitization (reactivity) to different pneumo-allergens.

• Polysomnography test: Identifies the cause of sleep disturbance, snoring, sleep apnea syndrome, and restless legs.

For more information, please call the Pulmonary Unit at Saint George Hospital - University Medical Center at +961 1 441525- 1576 - 1579.



The health sector in Lebanon is in deep crisis. Medical coverage has become a commodity that only a small privileged percentage of the Lebanese society can attain; a luxury at times where health should be a basic right.

Saint George Hospital established a Community Health Clinic aimed at providing qualified care to the underprivileged. Its outreach goes beyond the walls of the hospital to encompass education, health awareness and public screening.

Making it Accessible

- A yearly registration fee of 100,000 LL

- A 10,000 LL charge for each subsequent visit