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Caring for patients with Epilepsy is one of the main concerns of Saint George Hospital University Medical Center Neurology Department. The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is equipped with the up-to-date monitoring equipment to assist physicians to diagnose and treat patients with epilepsy disorder, to diagnose and confirm the indication for VNS candidates or surgery candidates.

The evaluation of patients with epilepsy is aimed at determining the type of seizures and their causes, since different seizure types respond best to specific treatments. A diagnosis of epilepsy is based on medical history, such as at what age the seizures began, how long do they last and what factors seem to bring them on.

Monitoring will determine whether a patient is indeed suffering from epilepsy, what type of epilepsy he/she is suffering from, the source originating the seizure and the epilepsy zone.

For more information, please call the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Saint George Hospital - University Medical Center at +961 1 441578.