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The Audiometry Unit at Saint George Hospital University Medical Center offers a complete range of tests in order to accurately assist physicians in diagnosing the patients’ hearing level.

The Audiometry unit is equipped with up-to-date technologies offering patients the following tests:

•Tonal: The machine sends variable tones to the patient to determine the hearing level.

• Vocal: The technician provides words to the patient where he/she is asked to repeat them.

• Tympanometry: The Technician inserts a probe in the patient’s ear and issues a signal to determine his/her stapedial reflexes, and to study the middle ear function.

For more information, please call the Audiometry Unit at Saint George Hospital - University Medical Center at +961 1 441525- 1574.



The health sector in Lebanon is in deep crisis. Medical coverage has become a commodity that only a small privileged percentage of the Lebanese society can attain; a luxury at times where health should be a basic right.

Saint George Hospital established a Community Health Clinic aimed at providing qualified care to the underprivileged. Its outreach goes beyond the walls of the hospital to encompass education, health awareness and public screening.

Making it Accessible

- A yearly registration fee of 100,000 LL

- A 10,000 LL charge for each subsequent visit