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Administrative Departments

The Quality Systems for Healthcare Department has been established in 1998 to improve the hospital operations based on set quality criteria, benchmark and best practices.

The QSHC is responsible for setting up and maintaining the hospital Quality Management System based on the quality dimensions. Also, the QSHC Department is responsible for the internal assessment process of various operations, the documentation system of all policies and procedures, the data management process as well as the implementation of the Accreditation Standards.

The QSHC vision is to bring the hospital operations to a higher level of performance in order to meet the patients, physicians and employees needs and expectations. To serve its purpose effectively, the QSHC Department was divided into two sections in 2005: the Quality Systems for Administrative Departments (QSAD) and the Quality Systems for Clinical Care (QSCC). It coordinates closely with the Nursing Department Quality Assurance Section on implementing all pertinent Quality issues.

The QSHC Department is directed by the Management Representative who is a member of the Senior Staff Committee (SSC) and the Hospital Quality Council (HQC). The HQC was established in the year 2010 to act as an advisory committee for the SSC on all matters related to Quality and Safety.



The health sector in Lebanon is in deep crisis. Medical coverage has become a commodity that only a small privileged percentage of the Lebanese society can attain; a luxury at times where health should be a basic right.

Saint George Hospital established a Community Health Clinic aimed at providing qualified care to the underprivileged. Its outreach goes beyond the walls of the hospital to encompass education, health awareness and public screening.

Making it Accessible

- A yearly registration fee of 20,000 LL

- A 5,000 LL charge for each subsequent visit