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Chairman of Department: Georges El-Rassi

The history of this Department goes back to 1954, at a time where neither Lebanon nor any other country in the Middle East had a designated and specialized orthopedic department. The first Lebanese physician to specialize in orthopedic surgery was Dr. Emile Riachi. This allowed the creation of the first Orthopedic Department in Lebanon, which was established on November 3, 1954.

Our orthopedic department provides a full range of in-patient and out-patient services, including:

  - Adult reconstruction using prosthesis (hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement)

  - Foot and ankle (ankle arthroscopy, deformities, hallux valgus)

  - Hand (microsurgeries: injuries, tendon, trigger finger… and upper extremities: fractures, shoulder arthroscopy, rotated cuff tear)

  - Sports Medicine (sport injuries management and follow-up)

  - Traumatology Unit: Orthopedic fractures referred mainly from ER or as a result of trauma

  - Pediatric Orthopedics Surgery: neonates till 18 years (congenital, traumatic injuries)

  - Spine Unit: medical and surgical treatment of the spine diseases ( herniated disc, neck, lower back)

Our department is involved in regular Case Reports as well as research and epidemiological studies with occasional involvement in clinical trials.

Moreover, The Department of Orthopedics works closely with the Physiotherapy Department to provide a wide range of support for in and out-patients. The Department of Orthopedics is also working in close collaboration with well-known and highly qualified rheumatologists. 



The health sector in Lebanon is in deep crisis. Medical coverage has become a commodity that only a small privileged percentage of the Lebanese society can attain; a luxury at times where health should be a basic right.

Saint George Hospital established a Community Health Clinic aimed at providing qualified care to the underprivileged. Its outreach goes beyond the walls of the hospital to encompass education, health awareness and public screening.

Making it Accessible

- A yearly registration fee of 100,000 LL

- A 10,000 LL charge for each subsequent visit