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CQSO : Michel Mansour, MD

The Quality and Patient Safety Department at SGHUMC serves as the cornerstone for ensuring optimal care delivery while prioritizing patient safety, staff well-being, and overall operational excellence. Established in 1998, the department has evolved to integrate quality improvement initiatives with comprehensive safety protocols, reflecting international standards and accreditation requirements.


To enhance healthcare outcomes by fostering a culture of continuous improvement, risk mitigation, and patient-centered care within SGHUMC.

Key Responsibilities:

1.Quality Management System (QMS):

-Develop and maintain a robust QMS based on established quality criteria, benchmarks, and best practices.
-Conduct internal assessments across various operational domains to drive performance improvement initiatives.
-Establish and document policies, procedures, and protocols to ensure adherence to accreditation standards.

2.Patient Safety:

-Implement strategies to safeguard patients, families, and staff at every stage of care delivery.
-Foster a culture of safety through effective communication, collaborative learning, and transparent incident management.
-Investigate and address root causes of adverse events to prevent future occurrences and promote organizational learning.

3.Infection Control and Prevention:

-Spearhead infection control initiatives aimed at minimizing nosocomial infections among patients, staff, and visitors.
-Monitor and enforce hand hygiene protocols, disinfection standards, waste management practices, and vaccination campaigns.
-Provide continuous education and training to staff on infection prevention best practices.

4.Occupational Health and Safety (OHS):

-Ensure the well-being of all personnel by identifying and mitigating workplace hazards.
-Develop safety protocols and conduct audits to assess risks and implement corrective measures.
-Promote a safe and healthy work environment through education, training, and collaborative efforts across departments.

Collaborative Approach:
The department operates through a multidisciplinary framework, engaging stakeholders from various divisions and units to address safety and quality concerns collaboratively. Regular committee meetings facilitate discussions on pertinent issues and drive collective problem-solving efforts.

Contact Information:
The Quality and Patient Safety Department is located in the Annex building (2nd floor). For inquiries or assistance, please contact us at Extensions: 1677-1696.

By consolidating the Quality Improvement and Safety and Risk Management functions into a unified department, SGHUMC aims to streamline efforts, enhance coordination, and reinforce its commitment to delivering high-quality, safe, and patient-centered care.