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In 2012, the hospital in collaboration with the University of Balamand launched the Wound Clinic and Training Center. This center facilitates both practical and theoretical training in wound management. It partnered with a German training and certification program developed by the Initiative Chronic Wounds (ICW) in Germany, a specialized wound care association and one of the leaders in wound management training.

The center is operated and managed by renowned Attending Physicians. The day-to-day functions are performed by certified Wound Care Nurse Specialists who have undergone rigorous hands-on international training along with specially selected staff members. This team of dedicated and qualified professionals guarantees the delivery of superior care of acute and chronic wounds.

Saint George Hospital University Medical Center’s Wound Clinic offers:

♦ State-of-the-art wound treatment according to international guidelines

♦ Latest techniques in wound care

♦ Experienced staff including designated nurses and specialized physicians

♦ Extensive patient education on wound home care to manage their wounds and prevent recurrence

♦ Constant follow-up with the treating physician and medical team to ensure continuity of care

♦ Dressing materials needed by patients for daily wound care

♦ Home service to continue wound care management, if necessary

Types of Wounds Treated Include:

♦ Vascular leg ulcers

♦ Diabetic foot ulcers

♦ Pressure ulcers

♦ Lymphedema

♦ Surgical or traumatic wounds

♦ Wounds caused by swelling, edema, cancer, radiation treatment, burns, infections and scleroderma

When necessary, our advanced treatment also includes:

♦ Complete medical history and wound assessment

♦ Debridement and surgical intervention

♦ Compression therapy (the only one in the region)

♦ Nutritional evaluation

♦ Patient and caregiver education

♦ Wound protection and management

♦ Home wound care and/or dressing change services by appointment

♦ Physical therapy

♦ Podiatric assessment and treatment

When would I need medical attention or when do I refer my patient to the Saint George Hospital University Medical Center Wound Clinic and Training Center?

You can visit us for any of the following non-healing wounds:

♦ Diabetic, arterial, or collagen vascular disease

♦ Venous, pressure, surgical, or other non-healing wounds

♦ Wounds which meet the following criteria:

    • Wounds which fail to show significant improvement in four weeks

    • Wounds which fail to heal completely within 8 weeks

    • Any wound which involves tendon, ligament, bone or joint, especially those that include abscess, osteomyelitis and necrotic tissue in the wound or the surrounding tissues

    • Wounds with significant ischemia

    • Venous wounds

    • Wounds in compromised patients, such as oncology patients