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Chief Emergency and Disaster Management Program: Georges Saad

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was initiated in 2009 as a part of Saint George Hospital-University Medical Center (SGHUMC). At the same date, and under the provision of the EMT center, a partnership training program for emergency medical training, named the “Lebanese European Academy for Emergency Medicine (LEAEM)”, was established between SGHUMC and Incentive-Med Germany and expanded to another International partnership with the American Heart Association.

LEAEM started in July 2009 as a venue for formal basic and advanced cardiac life support courses. Its founding mission was to “Add a new dimension to the training of physicians, residents, medical students and clinical staff as well as to improve the quality of care in our community by State-of-Art simulated training available to all healthcare providers across the nation”. Its founding vision was to “Reduce mortality and improve patient safety by providing highly professional education to medical specialists and lay paramedics and implementing standardized international guidelines within the Lebanese healthcare system and within the community”.

Over the last seven years, the center has expanded its range of courses to about 51 and become the main Center of Excellence in Medical Simulation over Lebanon. Courses includes: Life Support and Cardiac Resuscitation, fundamentals in Critical Care, Mechanical Ventilation, Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics, Emergency Nursing,  Emergency Airway Management, Trauma, Ultrasound training, Aeromedical emergency, Hazmat & CBRN’e, Disaster Management, training for trainers and many others…Courses have been given in Hospital and on-site at different locations over Lebanon.

Since 2009, the center has also incorporated the use of high quality simulation mannequins for training. Such as Advanced Mega-Code Kelly, Noelle, Anne, Kevin, Ultra sounds phantoms and many others, pediatric and adult human patient simulators offer all participants, a hands-on learning experience by exposing them to simulated medical scenarios and giving them opportunity to practice new technologies and advanced procedures without putting real patients at risk.

All LEAEM’s courses are conducted by certified and highly qualified instructors (about 64) who teach in three different languages the most up-to-date protocols or procedures based on the international guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council, American Heart Association, and other well-known international organizations.

The quality & variety of LEAEM-SGHUMC courses and educational support services has increasingly attracted participation of health professionals both locally and regionally to reach till the end of October 2016 a total number of 12447 participants.