Patients Handbook


You could place an external call from your room by dialing:

Access digit 8 + the number you are calling. For overseas phone calls and faxes the General Services Department can assist you by dialing the extension 1180 or 1181 and placing your request.

If you are calling SGHUMC or any of its offices, clinics or patients’ rooms:

Dial the hospital new number 1287 from any local or mobile phone or +961 1 57 57 00 if overseas.

Change your phone to tone.

Dial directly the required clinic or office extension or the following:

- 0 for Operator

- 3 for Patient Rooms

- 4 for Clinics

- 5 for Emergency Services

- 6 for Laboratory

- 7 for Radiology

- 8 for Diagnostics Lab

- 9 for Information

If calling a second class patient room (rooms with 2 beds), dial number 2 before the room number than the number of the bed (1 or 2) (i.e. if the patient is in room number 414, you dial 2 414 1 for the patient in bed number 1 or 2414 2 for the patient in bed number 2).