Election of the new Medical Committee members

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October 02, 2017

The General Assembly was held today at Saint George Hospital University Medical Center for the election of the new Medical Committee members, the following physicians won by acclamation :

Dr.Michel Jabbour – President 
Dr.Pierre Mouawad 
Dr.Pierre Khalifeh 
Dr.Rosette Jabbour 
Dr.Georges Juvelekian 
Dr.Nabil Mansour 
Dr.Hanady Samaha 
Dr.Antoine Challita 
Dr.Fadi Abou Jaoudeh

Following the activity report of the previous committee presented by Dr. Michel Jabbour, Dr. Alexandre Nehme, the new Medical Director and Mr. Edgard Joujou, the new Chief Executive Officer shared with the physicians their vision toward the future advancement of the hospital with the collaboration of the physicians as a strong team. A reception followed in a positive atmosphere.