October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month… Go PINK!!

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October 03, 2017

Breast Cancer is a group of malignant (cancer) cells that start in the Breast cells. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. One in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer during their lifetime. One percent of total Breast Cancer cases affect men.

Women above 50 years of age or have a history of Breast Cancer in the family are at a greater risk of developing Breast Cancer. Radiation, Alcohol, obesity, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle also increase the risk of developing Breast Cancer.

In order to prevent Breast cancer and/or detect it early, you should:

- Maintain a healthy diet

- Limit alcohol consumption

- Limit radiation exposure

- Breastfeed

- Have a mammogram done yearly according to age as per your Doctor’s advice.

- Do monthly Breast Self-Examination

- Inform your doctor immediately of any change in you Breast (Color, lumps, discharge…)

Breast Self-Examination: To be done monthly right after the period or any fixed date of the month for menopausal women.

1- Stand Straight and look in the mirror for any change in size, shape or color of the breasts

2- Raise your arm and palpate your breast in a circular pattern with the pads of your fingers for any lump

3- Lie down and repeat step two

4- Squeeze the nipple lightly to check for any discharge