Back to School!!

health tips

September 18, 2015

Books have been bought, school bags have been chosen and school registrations have been paid. Now it’s time to prepare your children for a healthy year!

  • Discuss with your pediatrician the vaccines to be given at the beginning of the school year (Hepatitis B, Flu vaccine, etc…)

  • Schedule an appointment with the Ophthalmologist to check your child’s sight

  • Inform the school of the child’s health condition and allergies if any

  • Update the emergency contact information of you or your spouse available at the school

  • Make sure that the school bag is not too heavy. If it is, have someone help your child with it

  • Remind your child of different health habits, most importantly hand hygiene

  • Reinforce bedtimes to ensure enough hours of resting

  • Send healthy snacks with your child to school