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August 24, 2020

From the instance the disaster of August 4 befell our institution, our Hospital staff stared death in the face and sprung up to help its patients and community, as it has been doing since 150 years.

First, we evacuated patients to safety and other hospitals while attending to the inflow of injuries who flooded the ER of a hospital without electricity and with its own deaths and injuries.

Since that time we have been working non-stop to secure our Hospital and clear the debris.

We are rushing to resume our mission to help patients. We are happy to announce that our doctors can see patients in clinics inside the Hospital, that our laboratory, radiology and diagnostics are operational.

We are still a badly damaged and injured Hospital but we are committed to getting back on our feet with your help to serve our patients. We hope to get there one step at a time. Our doctors, nurses and staff are very excited to welcome you and look after you.

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