The Lebanese European Academy for Emergency Medicine (LEAEM) is now officially a designated Ministry of Public Health accredited center for Training and Continuous Education

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September 03, 2018

The Emergency Medical Training Center (EMTC) was initiated in July 2009 as part of Saint George Hospital University Medical Center (SGHUMC). Under the provision of the EMT Center, a partnership training program for emergency medical training, named the “Lebanese European Academy for Emergency Medicine (LEAEM)”, was established between SGHUMC and Incentive-Med Germany.

LEAEM was recognized as a simulated training center for life support programs. Its founding mission was to “add a new dimension to the training of physicians, residents, medical students and clinical staff as well as to improve the quality of care in our community by state-of-art simulated training available to all healthcare providers across the nation”. Its founding vision was to “reduce mortality and improve patient safety by providing highly professional education to medical specialists and lay paramedics and implementing standardized international guidelines within the Lebanese healthcare system”.

All LEAEM’s courses are conducted by certified and highly qualified instructors who teach in three different languages the most up-to-date protocols or procedures based  on the international guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council, American Heart Organization, and other well-known international organizations.

In October 2011, the Emergency Medical Training Center added under its umbrella the helipad activities which entailed coordination between several organizations such as the Lebanese Armed Forces, UNIFIL & departments to properly manage casualties received by helicopters to SGHUMC.

As of August 2018, LEAEM provided more than 52 different types of courses for more than 17,250 national and international participants, including physicians, residents, registered nurses, practical nurses and inhalation therapists to governmental and non-governmental Emergency Medical Technicians - EMT, First Responders, Paramedics and Rescuers to different categories of lay people from the Lebanese community.

A major landmark in the life of this Academy and that of Saint George Hospital University Medical Center, is the recent granting of LEAEM on August 6, 2018, of the status of accredited center for training and continuous education on behalf of the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.