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Back Laboratory Technologist

Key Responsibilities: 

♦ Performs the preanalytical phase of the laboratory path of workflow, including sample management: acceptability and rejection criteria, as well as sample identification for patient safety.

♦ Performs the analytical testing phase of standard and certain specialized laboratory tests and analysis on different human samples. Setting up, operating equipment and performing tests according to the established procedures.

♦ Performs the postanalytical phase of laboratory testing: interpretation and verification of tests results and reporting critical values to Physicians.

♦ Prepares reagents, stains, solutions according to the standard procedures.

♦ Implements quality control assessment program in the laboratory. Includes method validation, daily control and calibration in a cost-effective way.

♦ Performs daily maintenance of laboratory equipment and reports their malfunctioning to the Medical Engineering or Plant Maintenance and Engineering Department for repair.

♦ Controls daily the temperature of the refrigerators, freezers, and incubators to ensure proper storage of patients’ samples and reagents as per the manufacturers’ recommendations.

♦ Ensures that the laboratory inventory for reagents and supplies is properly maintained. Reordering of supplies from the Procurement Department whilst controlling expiry dates.

♦ Prepares the first draft of Standard Operating Procedures and submits them to the Head of Section for approval.

Keeps records of all laboratory documentations as required by adopted policies and standards.

♦ Implements policies and procedures complying with clinical standards, JCI standards and all other regulatory and national guidelines while adhering to safety and infection control rules and regulations.

♦ Assists in training new laboratory employees and Medical Laboratory students.

♦ Performs other related duties as assigned by the Head of Clinical Laboratories Services and Laboratory Manager such as performing phlebotomy procedures.


Job Requirements: 

♦ B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory.

♦ 3 months On-The-Job Training

♦ Good observation skills & attention to details

♦ Good knowledge of written and spoken Arabic and English

♦ Computer Skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook...)

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