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Back Chemotherapy Preparation Technician

Chemotherapy Preparation Technician

Basic Function: 

Performs the technical process of preparing and admixing medications including Cytotoxic medications as per the physician’s request. Prepares all types of drugs in accordance with standard procedures and safety guidelines under the supervision of the Pharmacist. Includes, verifying the physical monitoring (temperature and humidity) and the microbiological monitoring of the cleanroom and the Biological Safety Cabinet, assembling the items needed for preparation, calculating the correct dosage volume of medications and preparing labels, recording every preparation, etc. Assists in a range of duties involving storage replenishment.


Candidates should meet the following requirements:

♦ B.Sc. degree in Nursing / Medical Laboratory or equivalent

♦ Experience is a plus

♦ Good in Mathematical calculation

♦ Extensive Knowledge in aseptic technique in handling chemotherapeutic & hazardous agents and intravenous medications

♦ Great attention to detail & conscientiousness in daily work

♦ Good Command of English Language

♦ Computer Literate

♦ Lebanese Nationality

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