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Back Attendant / Nursing Services

Key Responsibilities:

Carries out a variety of supporting patient care activities after taking directions from staff nurses, head nurses and supervisors. Includes, performing basic patient care activities, assisting in the admission, transfer and discharge of patients, providing for patient’s safety and comfort, collecting specimens for laboratory analysis, performing general cleaning duties and reporting pertinent observations about patient’s condition, assisting nursing and medical staff, communicating and behaving professionally with patient, families and colleagues, and respecting infection control policies and procedures.

Respect patient’s needs and rights regarding safety, privacy, confidentiality, comfort, and hospital rules and regulations.

Job Requirements:

♦ Completion of Intermediate Education

♦ Working knowledge of spoken and written Arabic, English or French.

♦ Good communication and interpersonal skills.

♦ Able to maintain confidentiality and privacy of all patients.

♦ Is responsive to critical situations maintaining self-assurance, empathy and a positive attitude.

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