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Back Food Server

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Performs a variety of simple food preparation procedures which includes serving food such as dairy products, jelly, mhallabieh, custard, slicing and packing bread, and cutting all types of white cheeses
♦ Prepares food items for the counters at the hospital canteen which includes bringing food from the kitchen, portioning salads and side dishes, arranging fruits, labelling and placing jelly, mhallabieh and custard in the fridge and placing cold beverages in their proper places
♦ Serves food at the patient’s serving line and/or counter in the canteen during breakfast, lunch and dinner which includes serving appropriate portions of food items and replenishing food containers as required
♦ Cleans counter of the hospital canteen
♦ Monitors the dishwashing process and records on the dishwasher temperature and the canteen refrigerators temperature control log sheets in the absence of the Hygiene Controller
♦ Performs other related duties such as working as a cashier at the hospital canteen, etc.…

Job Requirements: 

♦ Completion of elementary (6 years) education
♦ 3 months on the job training
♦ Simple knowledge of spoken and written Arabic

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