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Back Mechanical Technician

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Performs skilled installation, modification, maintenance, repair and dismantling works on major systems as boilers, compressors, medical gas supply units and incubators. Ensures the supply of steam and compressed air for laundry equipment.
♦ Performs repairs of stainless-steel carts, metallic chairs which may require minor welding and pipe fitting works, and reports to senior mechanical technician.
♦ Secures tools, materials and testing instruments to perform the work as directed.
♦ Conducts periodic preventive maintenance, checks in accordance with the pre-established schedules and check lists. Includes, inspecting all the equipment mentioned above, checking parts and replacing them as needed.
♦ Accompanies contractors’ service personnel when performing repair or preventive maintenance work to ensure quality of work performed as per contract agreement, and informs senior mechanical technician for findings.
♦ Coordinates with Storekeeper while retrieving items from store. Ensures that all items codes and description are written on the work orders.
♦ Performs other similar or related duties, as assigned, such as assisting in the installation of temporary lighting and wiring, practicing good housekeeping, cleaning up job site, salvaging tools and materials where possible, responding to service calls to carry out urgent repairs, etc.


Job Requirements & skills:

♦ T.S. Diploma in any relevant field plus 1-year experience in mechanics with welding knowledge
  Or B.T. diploma plus 4 years’ experience in a similar job including 1-year experience in mechanics with welding knowledge
♦ Knowledge of safe operating procedures and protocols of machines and equipment
♦ Problem-solving and Troubleshooting skills
♦ Simple knowledge of spoken and written Arabic and English / French

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