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Back Store Clerk

Key Responsibilities

♦ Participates in storing items in Main Stores as per established policies. Includes ensuring quantity, quality and description of items are according to purchase order and storing in allocated areas

♦ Assists in the weekly random stock taking to ensure accuracy of quantities of stock. Counts item selected at random, checks against records and advises Supervisor of variances if any

♦ Prepares items to be delivered to other stores and / or departments as per set schedules and emergency needs. Passes list to Supervisor for checking

♦ Stores items received in designated areas as per hospital storage policy

♦ Receives supplies form the suppliers specified by purchasing section. Checks the expiry date, the quantity, and the brand name and confirm the data on the system


Job Requirements & Skills:

♦ Completion of Secondary (12 years) education

♦ 3 months on-the-job training

♦ Attention to details

♦ Fair knowledge of written and spoken Arabic and English / French

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