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Back BMS Operator

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Carries out continuous daily routine checkups on the BMS for hospital premises through observing any malfunctions or irregularities of the equipment and installations, checks on site and troubleshoots any failure of the equipment after reporting to the supervisor. Acknowledges observations and reporting of alarms, takes accordingly appropriate actions if within established privileges, or contacts the corresponding system supervisor if problem cannot be solved. Reports serious problems and observations to the supervisor.

♦ Receives day-today work directions from supervisors to inspects and ensures proper operation of all hospital systems and equipment such as generators, UPS, chillers, air handling unit, fans, boilers, water tanks, softeners, mechanical system of renal dialysis, medical gas, LPG, lifts, etc…

♦ Conducts periodic daily round according to a preset checklist that covers all the critical equipment and the supply systems feeding the hospital, records the related data and reports to the supervisor any findings.

♦ Inspects adequate quantities/levels of consumable items such as fuel, propane, O2, medical gases, etc.… informs Supervisor of items that reached replenishment levels.

♦ Carries out minor adjustment only upon request from the supervisor to ensure satisfactory operation of systems.

♦ Receives requests, written or by phone, from various departments for maintenance and repair works. Enters data into the maintenance software, in order to generate work orders and relay them to the related section for execution.

♦ Performs other related duties as requested by supervisor such as preparing and printing reports related to BMS.


Job Requirements:

♦ T.S. in Electro-Mechanics or any relevant field plus 1-year related experience

Or B.T. in Electro-Mechanics or any relevant field plus 4 years related experience

♦ Diagnostic and troubleshooting skills

♦ A firm knowledge of Safety Procedures

♦ Good knowledge of spoken and written Arabic and English

♦ Computer literate

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