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Back Internal Auditor

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Carries out operational and/or financial audits in an assigned area of the Hospital, as directed. Includes preparing program, outlining tasks to be performed and carried out, such as review and appraisal of plans, policies, procedures, records, inventories, etc.

♦ Prepares preliminary audit report of findings which includes the work performed, identification of deficiencies and recommendations for changes in introduction action of new procedures and controls for corrective action and improved efficiency. Discusses report with concerned supervisor, makes appropriate/necessary adjustments and amendments, and prepares draft report for Manager Internal Audit review and finalization.

♦ Carries out subsequent events review as required ensuring that approved recommendations have been properly implemented. Includes visiting audited departments to review the implementation of approved recommendations and report on findings for further action.

♦ Carries out spot checks of cash activities in various areas of the hospital and conducts test counts to verify accuracy of the amounts recorded. Reports any variances in the count procedures or the count itself.

♦ Carries out a periodic sample check at various receiving areas to ensure that materials and supplies, received are in accordance with purchase orders, required quality and specifications.

♦ Participates in annual physical check of stores items, prepares preliminary report of findings for discussion with Manager Internal Audit.

♦ Evaluates whether policies and procedures are accomplishing their intended function. Recommends to Manager Internal Audit amendments as necessary to improve control and efficiency.

♦ Performs other related duties as assigned, such as carrying out special audits, preparing reports, assisting in analyzing operations and policies related to financial risk assessment, attending meetings with external auditors, etc.


Job Requirements: 

♦ Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Accounting, Finance)

♦ Relevant professional certificate such as CPA or equivalent training in Audit.

♦ 3-4 years experience in audit work or in a position that requires analytical work.

♦ Proficient in MS Office and software packages.

♦ Good knowledge of Arabic and English/French.

♦ Good communication skills.

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