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Back Medical Imaging Sonographer

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Performs clinical assessment and diagnostic sonography examinations at the Ultrasound unit, Nursing floors and OR.

♦ Uses cognitive sonographic skills to identify, record and adapt procedures as appropriate to anatomical, pathological, diagnostic information and images.

♦ Makes proper patient identification. Assures that patients receive proper preparation. Includes reviewing/explaining Clearly the procedure to the patient. Clarifies safety precautions, provides assistance during procedures (ultrasounds, biopsies, drainage…). Maintains patient care, comfort and safety during and after the examination and patient confidentiality.

♦ Analyses results during the sonographic exam to accurately differentiate between normal and pathologic findings.

♦ Reports findings for verification and evaluation by the Radiologist.

♦ Organizes patient exams for best workflow as per related policy and procedures.

♦ Utilizes the computerized system such as Radiology Information System (RIS) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) for efficient workflow management: such as ensuring accurate patient data entry from the Equipment worklist, assigning studies to radiologists and him/her self and ensuring successful storage of studies in the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).

♦ Applies properly all infection control and patient/ staff safety policy and procedures to maintain a safe work environment.

♦ Checks the Admission Office approval for inpatients before performing test.

♦ Coordinates with the Nurses on floors in order to prepare properly the inpatients for the procedures.

♦ Ensures that all machines and equipment are ready for operation. Includes, checking proper signal of machine, sufficient supply of paper, ink, medications etc.… Reports malfunctioning of machine to Medical Engineering Department, to Senior Radiographer and to the Chief Radiographer for required repairs. Monitors preventive maintenance schedule and coordinates with Medical Engineering department. Comprises ensuring that machines, equipment clean and tidy all times.

♦ Trains and supervises subordinate students and observers.

♦ Performs other duties in the Medical Imaging department as assigned by the Chief Radiographer when needed.


Job Requirements: 

♦ Holder a diploma in Radiography (BS/LT)

♦ 3-6 months on the job training

♦ Good communication and organizational skills

♦ Good observation skills and attention to details

♦ Good knowledge of spoken and written English or French.

♦ Computer Literate

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