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Back Senior Strategic Marketing and Communication Manager

Job Summary:

Under the strategic direction of the Vice President for Advancement and Business Development (VPABD) and in collaboration with hospital-related entities, the Senior Marketing and Communication Manager is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive marketing and communication strategies tailored to SGHUMC services. This role is essential in enhancing the hospital's public profile, increasing patient engagement, effectively promoting the hospital's services and achievements, and developing and implementing effective marketing and communication strategies for fundraising activities. It demands a strategic approach to marketing, deep insight into patient needs, a dedication to maintaining the highest standards in healthcare communication, and the management and facilitation of nurturing communication with donors, prospective donors, and relevant partners.


♦ Develop and implement marketing and communication strategies that align with SGHUMC goals. This includes promoting healthcare services, and highlighting the hospital's specialties and achievements.
♦ Ensure that all marketing materials and communications accurately represent the hospital's brand, ethos, and commitment to patient care. This also involves maintaining a positive public image and ensuring consistency across various communication channels.
♦ Manage relationships with media outlets to promote the hospital’s news, achievements, and community initiatives. Coordinate press releases, handle media inquiries, and organize press conferences or interviews with healthcare professionals.
♦ Oversee the hospital's online presence, including website management, content creation for blogs, and social media platforms. Use digital tools to reach and engage with patients, staff, and the broader community.
♦ Develop and implement communication strategies to maximize the impact on fundraising needs and priorities, as well as to maintain a solid relationship with donors and prospective donors in Lebanon and abroad.
♦ Develop and assess measurable goals and objectives that advance the strategic framework as well as marketing objectives.
♦ Facilitate effective communication within the hospital, ensuring that staff are informed about new initiatives, and changes. This might include internal newsletters, emails, or intranet updates.
♦ Plan and conduct market research.
♦ Plan and manage health-related events, such as health fairs, workshops, and community outreach programs. These events serve to educate the public and promote the hospital's services.
♦ Analyze the effectiveness of marketing and communication campaigns using data analytics. Track key performance indicators to measure success and identify areas for improvement.
♦ Manage the budget allocated for marketing and communication activities, ensuring efficient and effective use of resources.
♦ Oversee the development of SGHUMC’s digital and social media strategy, campaigns, branding, and content to further the hospital mission.
♦ In coordination with the VPABD and the hospital leadership, prepare for and manage communication during crises, especially those that may impact public health or the hospital's reputation. This involves coordinating with healthcare professionals and the media to disseminate accurate and timely information.
♦ Ensure that all marketing and communication activities comply with healthcare regulations and ethical standards, including patient privacy laws and advertising regulations.
♦ Work closely with healthcare professionals, administration, and support staff to ensure a unified approach to patient care and hospital representation.


♦ Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, or related field. Master’s degree in a related field is desirable.
♦ At least 8-10 years in marketing and communications, with a strong preference for healthcare sector experience.
♦ Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in marketing and communications strategy with proven record in identifying and achieving measurable strategic communications goals.
♦ Demonstrated ability to responsibly manage a budget.
♦ Demonstrated leadership, supervisory and planning managerial skills

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