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Back OR Staff Nurse

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Performs general circulating nursing duties
♦ Performs scrub nurse duties and assists surgical team during surgical procedures
♦ Complies with established nursing standards. Maintains a clean orderly, safe environment for patients and personnel. Includes, implementing and maintaining established department / hospital policies and procedures, objectives, quality assurance, safety, environmental and infection control, interpreting these to department staff, patients and public, as appropriate
♦ Assists in care and maintenance of department supplies, equipment, and facilities. Includes assisting in cleaning and stocking room supplies, returning all unused supplies and equipment to their proper place, preparing to close room at the end of the day, and reporting defective supplies, malfunctioning of equipment or any unusual occurrences to head nurse / supervisor to request repair or correction
♦ Acts as a team leader (as the need arises) in assigned operating room. Includes ensuring compliance of team members to hospital policies and procedures, contributing to the efficient and smooth functioning of the department and to enhancing quality care, coordinating with anesthesia and control desk to provide an orderly progression of the OR schedule; notifying control desk of any changes or delays and informing recovery when to medicate or send the following patients; ensuring room for a specific specialty is adequately and properly functioning; revising preference cards and communicating changes to OR Coordinator
♦ Performs other related duties such as responding promptly to emergency situation, rotating on various shifts, covering on-call and during emergencies, maintaining accurate records on nursing observations, participating in the evaluation of new supplies, instruments and equipment, working on self-improvement by attending seminars, workshops, reading materials related to job specification and applying that knowledge as needed, etc.

Job Requirements:

♦ Bachelor of Science in Nursing plus 1-year nursing experience
Or TS in Nursing plus 3 years nursing experience
♦ Good knowledge of spoken and written Arabic, French/English
♦ Computer literate

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