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Back Scrub Technician

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Performs surgical hand scrub techniques, donning sterile gown and gloves, arranging sterile back table, supplies, instruments, solutions and special instruments / equipment
♦ Assists with gowning and gloving members of the surgical team, prepping and draping of patient assisting the surgical team by anticipiting instruments and supplies needs, and counting needles, sponges, instruments to ensure all are accounted for when surgery is complete
♦ Assists in identifying and preserving all tissue specimen or body fluids removed from patient and handing them to the circulating Registered Nurse, assisting in final closing stages, properly disposing of all sharps, and preparing instruments for transfer to the CSSD department
♦ Assists in care and maintenance of department supplies, equipment and facilities. Includes assisting in cleaninig and stocking room supplies, returning all unused supplies and equipment to their proper place, preparing to close room at the end of the day, and reporting defective supplies, malfunctioning of equipment or any unusual occurences to OR coordinator/instruments in charge
♦ Cleans and disinfects laparascopic instruments and equipment before and after surgery. Maintains a clean, orderly and safe environment for patients; applying hospital environmental and infection control policies and procedures
♦ Assists in transporting patients to operating room, and positionning them on operation table moving, lifting and transferring as directed


Job Requirements:

♦ TS in Medical Laboratory or Biology with 6 months on the job-training
Or BT in Nursing with 2-and-a-half-year experience in the Operating Room
♦ Computer literate
♦ Good knowledge of written and spoken Arabic and English / French

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