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Back Anesthesia Nurse

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Aids anesthesiologist in all stages of the administration of anesthesia, includes receiving instant instructions
♦ Provides physiologic surveillance of the stable patient under general anesthesia, monitoring patient's hemodynamic status, blood, fluid and pharmacological therapy, and insertion and management of hemodynamic monitors
♦ Functions as an integral part of the OR team effort to promote quality patient care. Anticipates supply and equipment needs of the anesthesia provider for different surgical procedures; performs daily performance checks on anesthesia gas machines; ensures proper functioning, cleanliness, disinfection and maintenance of anesthesia equipment and accessories according to established procedures; troubleshoot anesthesia equipment; provides technical support to Anesthesiologist for complex anesthesia equipment.
♦ Performs nursing functions in support of medical care according to established standards and practices. Includes, performing nursing interventions, ensuring patients safety and observing infection control policies and procedures; maintaining medical record file, charting nursing observation such as physiological, psychological and emotional status, etc…, action taken and treatment given, according to established nursing standards and medical protocols.
♦ Communicates and consults with surgeons, anesthesiologists and other health care professionals when indicated. Includes, transcribing and carrying out physicians’ orders; requesting prescribed pharmaceutical items and supplies, laboratory and diagnostic tests, etc.…, checking results of tests and reporting abnormalities to physician.
♦ Prepares, administers and documents prescribed medications, intravenous solutions, narcotics and treatments as ordered by the anesthesiologist. Assesses patients’ reaction to medications, drugs, and treatments, reports side effects, observes progress of intravenous infusion; checks the patient for presence of phlebitis or infiltration; observes, records, and reports to physician patients’ condition, reaction to drugs and significant incidents.

Job Requirements:

♦ Bachelor degree in Nursing plus 1-year experience in critical care nursing
Or TS in Nursing plus 3-year experience in critical care nursing.
♦ Good knowledge of spoken and written Arabic, English and French.
♦ Computer literate

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