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Back Assistant Chief Cook

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Assistant Chief cook provides support for the chief cook. Participates in giving work directions to cooks, assistant cooks and cook helpers in the Hospital Kitchen. Ensures that the kitchen meets food safety and cleanliness standards and helping kitchen staff with food preparation
♦ Receives daily menus from Diet Aide and distributes the tasks to the cooks and assistant cooks to prepare the necessary ingredients and proceed with the cooking process according to preset menu requirements
♦ Assists the chief cook with the ordering process, in managing inventory and menu planning
♦ Bakes, roasts, stews, boils and broils meats, fish and poultry. Includes, preparing Lebanese oriental dishes and special diet meals according to recipes. Preheats oven and sets time control according to cooking requirements
♦ Collects, labels and stores leftovers of the cooked food and puts them in appropriate containers to be stored in refrigerators
♦ Inspects cooking equipment and utensils to ensure cleanliness and proper operation. Reports malfunction to Hygiene Inspectors for repair by Maintenance Department
♦ Inspects, food, meat, fish, poultry etc. in refrigerators and freezers, checking for label and remaining quantities. Reports to Chief Cook condition of such items such as spoilage, expiry dates, and shortages


Job Requirements:

♦ BT in Hotel Management
♦ 4 to 5 years’ experience as cook in a renowned restaurant or Hospital
♦ Great attention to details
♦ Excellent understanding
♦ Ability to communicate and listen effectively
♦ Simple job knowledge of English or French

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