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Back Laboratory Aide

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Carries out preparation of culture media for the Microbiology Laboratory section according to Standard Operation Procedures. Includes filling flasks with solutions, capping them, putting autoclave paper to check sterilization, pouring into tubes or Petri dishes to be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature and used in the Microbiology section
♦ Collects and washes into the dishwasher the dirty glassware, and other laboratory instruments to be reused
♦ Collects blood tubes, urine containers, and Petri dishes holding cultures coming from all the laboratory sections, and discards them into special Clinical Waste bags
♦ Brings needed items from the Pharmacy or Warehouse Department
♦ Responsible for rotating in different lab areas and collecting filled sharp box containers and exchanging them with new ones in collaboration with the housekeeping
♦ Performs periodical sterilization of certain Clinical Laboratories and Blood Bank equipment, such as: fridges, freezers, incubators, and centrifuges, according to infection control measures
♦ Maintains safe and clean work areas by cleaning all benches at the Clinical Laboratories and Blood Bank with hospital approved disinfectants
♦ Serves the Clinical Laboratories and Blood Bank with different interdepartmental tasks and paperwork; including collection of all the staffs’ scrubs and sending them to the Laundry back and forth

Job Requirements: 

♦ Completion of complementary education
♦ 3 months On-The-Job Training
♦ Basic working knowledge of Arabic and English

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