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Back Medical Systems Integration Specialist

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Preforms service, configuration and preventive maintenance for the Hospitals’ clinical Information Systems, including but not limited to RIS, PACS, Endoscopy Information System, Cardiology Information System, ICU Information System, Laboratory Information System, Anatomic Pathology information system
♦ Monitors systems performance, including hardware and software and reports related issues to the Medical Systems Integration Manager or Assistant Manager
♦ Reviews user interfaces for consistency and functionality and recommends improvements in software to Medical Systems Integration Manager or Assistant Manager to enhance user experience and improve clinical information systems
♦ Performs periodic preventive maintenance according to set maintenance schedule to ensure proper operations of the clinical information system. Includes, carrying out testing according to a standard check list, performing needed maintenance and fixing problems encountered or reporting problems to Medical Systems Integration Manager or Assistant Manager
♦ Follows up and accompanies the suppliers to ensure the delivery of all requested services and ensures that continuous maintenance is carried out properly and on time as per the set schedule
♦ Conducts training to users related to the proper use and operation of software applications
♦ Works closely with the Network Administrator and System Administrator at HIS to solve any related network issues

Job Requirements: 

♦ BS Degree in Information Technology IT with 2 years’ related experience or TS Degree plus 3 years related experience in a similar job
♦ Proficient in computer software and networking systems with knowledge of healthcare information system
♦ Knowledge of healthcare interoperability standards (HL7, FHIR) is a plus
♦ Good knowledge of current network protocols, data transfer systems, and storage methods
♦ Good observation skills and attention to details
♦ Good analytical and problem-solving skills
♦ Good communication skills
♦ Good knowledge of spoken and written Arabic and English / French

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