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Back Medical Records Clerk

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Performs the scanning process of regular/complete hardcopies files and rescan (update the scanning) of incomplete scanned files upon their completion

♦ Performs the indexing process of the scanned medical records into an accessible system as per the department policies and procedures

♦ Receives patients / relatives, physicians, students, third party payers’ representative, assists in registering and preparing their requests such as review MR, obtain medical certificates, discharge summaries, birth certificates etc. and delivers same upon completion to the authorized person after verifying his/her identity to ensure strict confidentiality

♦ Ensures retrieval and delivery and proper access to re–admitted patients’ medical records to the appropriate nursing unit and treating team

♦ Answers and logs telephone request, ensures preparation and fulfillment of all requests by appropriate staff, secure approval of supervisor as per procedures

♦ Maintains patient master index card. Includes controlling, spelling, merging, splitting and updating index card for all patients as well as reviewing and controlling admission and discharge dates etc.

♦ Receives on daily basis the inpatient MR for discharged patient according to the discharge list and make sure that all relevant files are received

♦ Assembles and combines MR according to medical records prototype for an appropriate and adequate use

♦ Identifies the missing document (parts of the quantitative analysis), entries data on the computer, and assigns responsible provider for follow up and completion


Job Requirements:

♦ T.S. Diploma in Management or equivalent plus 3 months on the job training

Or Completion of secondary (12 years) education + 3 years’ experience in related field

♦ Good observation skills and attention to details

♦ Fair spoken and written Arabic, English / French

♦ Computer Literate

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