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Back Radiographer / HICU

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Receives instructions from cardiologist performing the invasive cardiology procedures and positions patients on the operating table in the Hemodynamic and Interventional Cardiology unit. Includes, assisting patients in assuming required anatomical positions on catheterization table, connecting the patient to various electronic equipment necessary for the operation and monitoring this equipment. Also fetches and hands over to cardiologist the required catheter, balloons, or stent needed for cardiac catheterization or angioplasty.

♦ Operates various electronic equipment used in the HICU, such as the multi-channel analyzer, the oximeter, TV monitoring machine, CD, fluoroscopy machine and its accessories, etc…

♦ Ensures implementation of patient and staff safety standards such as keeping patient’s dose and consequently staff dose as low as reasonably practical and assures the radiographic quality of the procedure. Includes, moving patient gently under source of x-ray to ensure proper exposure.

♦ Performs radiographic examination of the highest possible quality that answer the clinical question posted by the referrer, using the as low as reasonable achievable concept as lowest as reasonable achievable radiation dose to the patient.

♦ Makes proper patient identification. Assures with the support team that patients receive proper preparation, includes reviewing and explaining the procedure clearly to the patient.

♦ Clarifies safety precautions to the patient and helps during procedures such as helping the patient transfer to and from the exam table, maintains patient care, comfort and safety during and after the examination.

♦ Keeps patient confidentiality.

♦ Prepares examination rooms for patient exams.

♦ Utilizes the computerized system such as Radiology Information System (RIS) and PACS (picture archiving and communication system) for efficient workflow management, ensures accurate patient data entry from equipment worklist, assigns studies to radiologist and ensures successful storage of studies in the Picture Archiving and communication system (PACS).

♦ Applies properly all infection control and patient/ staff safety policy and procedures to maintain a safe work environment.

♦ Trains and supervises new employees, subordinate students and observers.

♦ Performs other duties in the Medical Imaging department as assigned by the Chief Radiographer when needed.

♦ Controls the stock and consignment items such as devices, balloons, stents, catheters... Includes, keeping and maintaining an up to date inventory, examining expiry dates, reviewing stock available in stores, informing the HICU Supervisor about the items needed for replenishment.

♦ Ensures proper functioning of the unit. Includes, testing equipment for proper functioning and reporting malfunction to the HICU supervisor and / or Medical Engineering for prompt repair.

♦ Performs other related duties as assigned, such as cleaning equipment, observing safety rules and aseptic procedures, training of subordinate staff and students, moving the patient from and to the table with assistance, maintaining the unit clean and tidy, applying Hospital safety rules and regulations, attending educational programs as required, etc...


Job Requirements & skills:

♦ Holder a diploma in Radiography (BS or TS)

♦ 1-year experience in Radiology

♦ Good observation skills and attention to details

♦ Possesses good command of Arabic and English / French

♦ Computer literate

♦ Good Communication and organizational skills

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