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Back Healthcare Financial Analyst

Key Responsibilities:

Works closely with the CFO and senior management on essential corporate finance and corporate development assignments in a fast paced and challenging environment.

♦ Prepares financial models for assessment and valuation
♦ Prepares subject oriented financial studies as requested
♦ Develops and analyzes budget, cash flow, and forecasting
♦ Sets operational KPIs, and performs deep financial analysis
♦ Assists in enhancing the hospital operations in terms of pricing
♦ Ensures optimization of pricing standards and pricing models across various specializations and  services.
♦ Standardizes the reporting systems, including overseeing the development of specific dashboards and reporting tools.
♦ Automate the dashboard and make it accessible to the board on a timely basis
♦ Optimizes and standardizes the financial functions within the ERP system producing financials based on accounting and fair market value outcomes.
♦ Interprets financial statements, such as income statements, balance sheets, and fund flow statements and propose options to the board
♦ Benchmarks with other similar institutions either locally or internationally
♦ Drives process improvement and policy development initiatives that impact the financial function
♦ Gain and update job knowledge to remain informed about the novelty in the field

Job Requirements:

♦ CFA, MBA, MS in Accounting, Healthcare and Data Analytics or a related field is required.
♦ Minimum 10 years of work experience preferably in healthcare finance, hospitals revenue cycle operations, cost analysis or financial analysis is required.
♦ Demonstrated ability to operate in absolute compliance with all applicable business and healthcare standards.
♦ Highly motivated self-starter and excellent team player.
♦ Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
♦ Effective time management skills, including the ability to meet deadlines.
♦ Strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities.
♦ Excellent use of Excel, and knowledge of other software, with very good presentation skills

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