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Back Medical Equipment Engineer

Key Responsibilities:

Assigns and supervises maintenance activities based on priorities, necessities and importance to ensure patient safety. Executes the daily repairs of medical equipment under his/her responsibility and controls repairs carried out by technicians. Monitors and follows – up the daily / weekly preventive maintenance schedules of equipment. Participates with manager in defining and analyzing specifications and technical comparative data for purchasing new equipment. Assists medical, nursing and technical staff in the operation and use of equipment. Reviews service manuals to stay informed about new maintenance

Job Requirements:

♦ Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering or Electrical Engineering with courses in Biomedical Engineering.
♦ 2 years’ experience in a similar job.
♦ Good interpersonal & communication skills.
♦ Good analytical skills.
♦ Good problem solving skills.
♦ Good knowledge of spoken and written Arabic, and English / French.
♦ Good computer skills and good knowledge of any software used in medical equipment

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