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Back Hospital Social Worker

Key Responsibilities:

The Hospital Social Worker assesses each patient’s unique condition by combining data from medical diagnoses and personal interviews, evaluates the current conditions and financial situation of the patient and her/his family, verifies the information obtained in order to propose and implement support packages such as reduction in the bill or other financial assistance plans. Provides necessary support to each patient and help her/him get what she/he needs, such as emergency accommodation, financial support, and health or legal services, makes sure that her/his needs are met appropriately. Provides counselling to patients and their families.  Cooperates with other professionals to evaluate patients' medical or physical conditions. Coordinates with healthcare providers to ensure that patients are discharged at the appropriate time to keep costs down. Maintains accurate records and reports on patients’ status. Coordinates with other social communities to assist patients when needed.


Job Requirements:

♦ Bachelor's in Social Work degree, Master’s degree is a plus

♦ 2 or more years’ experience as a Hospital Social Worker or in other social work activities

♦ Deep understanding the psychosocial aspects of illness and health

♦ Excellent interpersonal skills

♦ Displays compassion and empathy

♦ Strong organizational and time-management skills

♦ Excellent written and verbal communication skills

♦ Computer Literate

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