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Back Admission Clerk

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Receives patients / representatives, asks for the Doctor Consent Form, interviews to obtain information relevant to reservation, updates the “online reservation” done by the corresponding physician, and advises patients of necessary documents such as Third-Party Payer’s approval, patient Identity Card, Insurance Card, etc...
♦ Fills and signs the General Consent Form and the Letter of Undertaking, indicating the required information (patient information, telephone number, address, etc...), explains the contents of the Hospital Consent Forms, and secures the patient/representative signature as confirmation of acceptance
♦ Updates the admission file, creates an appointment record for the patient in IdealSoft, and ensures that prerequisites are complete
♦ Checks estimated cost of hospitalization with supervisor, and ensures that adequate financial coverage is guaranteed prior to admission, either through down payment or through an insurance coverage or through other arrangements
♦ Contacts patients to confirm reservation, advises of missing documents, and down payments that should be secured prior to admission (if applicable)
♦ Monitors bed control schedule and admits patients to assigned beds in collaboration with concerned Floor/Unit
♦ Receives authorization requests for procedures and tests that require prior approval and sends to Third Party Payers. Secures the Third-Party Payers’ approval, and marks the authorization to each of the requested services. Secures payment from patients if needed
♦ Secures financial and legal requirements for the changes in status, such as class of admission, third party payer combination, coverage, etc.…


Job Requirements and Skills:

♦ BA degree in Business Administration or equivalent
  OR TS Diploma plus one-year experience in similar job
♦ Accommodating and friendly character with good communication skills
♦ Ability to work under pressure
♦ Good knowledge of written and spoken Arabic and English/French
♦ Computer literate

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