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Back Medical Equipment Engineer

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Executes the daily repairs of medical equipment under his/her responsibility and controls repairs carried out by technicians when requested by his supervisor to ensure efficient repairs and cost-effective spare part replacement. Includes identifying causes and recommending best methods for repairs.

♦ Monitors and follows – up the daily / weekly preventive maintenance schedules of equipment to ensure implementation on time to avoid breakage of equipment and reduce stoppage time.

♦ Plans and schedules maintenance carried out by suppliers’ engineers and ensures maintenance is performed on schedule to reduce cost. Assigns one technician to work area where work is carried out to ensure quality and efficiency of repairs.

♦ Reviews service manuals to stay informed about new maintenance techniques. Includes conducting training sessions to medical equipment users i.e. doctors, nurses and technicians to update their knowledge of same.

♦ Assists in investigating and defining minimum specifications required for purchasing new equipment based on standard requirements.

♦ Conducts daily review on all repairs and preventive maintenance activities to ensure quality of work. Identifies maintenance weaknesses and lack of information and takes necessary measures to adjust same.

♦ Assigns and supervises maintenance activities based on priorities, necessities and importance to ensure patient safety.

♦ Participates in receiving new medical equipment and ensures equipment received are according to specifications specified in the Purchase orders. Includes supervising installation, testing of new equipment to ensure proper functioning and reporting discrepancies to Manager.

♦ Assists medical, nursing and technical staff in the operation and use of new medical equipment.

♦ Performs other similar duties as assigned by supervisor such as informing manager regarding non-repairable equipment, inspecting newly purchased equipment to ensure specifications are per contract, assisting in installing new equipment, training operators and technicians on new machines, etc.       

Job Requirements:

♦ Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering or Electrical Engineering with courses in Biomedical Engineering

♦ 2 years’ experience in a similar job

♦ Good Analytical Skills

♦ Very good knowledge of spoken and written Arabic and English / French

♦ Good computer and research skills

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