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Back Medical Equipment Technician

Key Responsibilities:

♦ Performs scheduled and periodic preventive maintenance on all types of medical equipment and instruments according to set maintenance schedule and applies instructions to ensure proper operations of equipment and instruments. Includes, carrying out electrical safety testing according to a standard check list, fixing problems encountered and using available test equipment such as E.C.G. tester, infusion pump tester, etc. to test proper functioning of equipment according to standards
♦ Responds to emergency calls other than scheduled work. Follows up priorities set by Senior Technician / Manager based on type of machine to be repaired, necessities and patient safety. Gives priorities to machines considered lifesaving
♦ Accompanies suppliers’ engineers or technicians repairing machines to ensure proper work, and assists them when necessary
♦ Prepares daily service reports, recording repair work carried out on equipment during the day and passes to Assistant Manager/ Senior Technician for review and evaluation of work
♦ Participates in the installation and inspection of new equipment. Includes receiving the proper installation, maintenance and operating training of new equipment
♦ Assists medical and nursing staff in operation and use of medical equipment
♦ Reviews service manuals to stay informed about new maintenance techniques. Includes, participates in conducting training sessions to medical equipment users i.e. doctors, nurses and technicians to update their knowledge of same
♦ Assists in investigating and defining minimum specifications required for purchasing new equipment based on standard requirements


Job Requirements:

♦ BS Degree in Biomedical Technologies/Electronics or equivalent Or TS Degree plus 1-year experience in a similar job Or BT degree in Electronics with 4 years’ experience in a similar job
♦ Excellent technical skills and ability to repair machinery with meticulous attention to detail
♦ Good analytical and problem-solving skills
♦ Good communication skills
♦ Good knowledge of spoken and written Arabic and English / French
♦ Computer Literate

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