Mission, Vision & Values


Saint George Hospital University Medical Center is a nonprofit academic medical center, owned by the Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut and is academically affiliated to the University of Balamand. It is committed to treat all patients with dignity, respect and compassion regardless of their religion, nationality, socioeconomic status and race. It provides quality healthcare services to the sick and indigent at the lowest possible cost.


To enhance our efforts towards excellence of service through:

- Seeking to continuously meet the hospital main goals in alignment with its quality policy.

- Seeking to consistently deliver high quality services to patients.

- Seeking to be a leader and referral center for healthcare services both nationally and regionally.

- Acting as a role model for Quality System application to influence the national healthcare system accrordingly.

- Seeking to participate in developing a healthcare policy in the country. 


- Compassion: We provide care with dignity, and empathy to our patients.

- Respect: We treat every patient with integrity, honesty, and fairness regardless of his/her religion, nationality, socioeconomic status and race.

- Commitment: We are commited to deliver high quality services to our patients.

- Teamwork: We work collaboratively with open communication and coordination among all departments to achieve the hospital vision and goals. 

- Safety: We maintain a secured and healthy environment for all staff, patients, and visitors within the hospital premises according to national laws and international standards.   

- Privacy: we protect the patients privacy and maintain the confidentiality of all their health information.