Word from the CEO

Since 1878, Saint George Hospital has been supporting lives. A non-profit community hospital, Saint George has become synonynous with generosity and hope.

Founded by people who cared, their quest has been carried on through generations. Today, the hospital has grown up into a total healthcare institution, providing overall in-patient services to the community.

At the forefront of Medicine, Saint George Hospital is constantly in pursuit of excellence. The generosity of countless of supporters brought latest hight-tech equipment and made advanced interventions possible with some registered unprecedent breakthroughs in surgery.

The recent conflict in Lebanon did little to diminish the aim of the hospital. Faith and devotion of many who served unselfishly during the hardest of times, helped to rebuild the social fabric of the country and further exemplify the value of the hospital as a cornerstone for the community.

Many things have changed over the years, but Saint George Hospital is still committed to the challenge of helping to re-build the community in terms of healthcare, education, research, faith and heritage...committed to be supporter of life, in the name of compassion.